Bill’s Retirement Hobby?

By on August 21, 2006

Much has been said about Bill Gates and his generosity, giving millions away to this charity or that, and even starting the world’s largest philanthropic organization. But recent reports have linked the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to a group of financiers that have made loans to the tune of $400 million to Media News Group, which has been buying up newspapers across the country. What does that have to do with curing HIV/AIDS or feeding children?

So far, Media News owns 53 newspapers in ten states. It makes one wonder if Bill decided that he needs a new pastime in his post-Microsoft days, or is it just a new scheme to take over the world?

It may be nothing — just an investment to grow the Foundation’s endowment — but my guess is that Bill’s got his eye on nothing short of world conquest. That and kicking puppies in his spare time.

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