The Story of Digg

By Deane Barker on August 9, 2006

Valley Boys: Great article on the history of Another guy who started from nothing, and is now trying to fend of VC who are trying to force money down his throat.

Soon, Rose was blabbing about his idea to his girlfriend, his buds, his bartenders. This would be bottom-up media. Citizen journalism. In the fall of 2004, Rose withdrew $1,000 — nearly one-tenth of his life savings — and paid a freelance coder $12 an hour to mock up a Web page. He got a deal on server space over the Web for $99 a month. Only one big expense was left: the domain name. He tried *!@#! It was owned by Disney. He offered the owners of $500. They wouldn’t sell. Ouch. Finally he settled on and forked out $1,200 to its owners. The site launched on Dec. 5, 2004.