Wikipedia Vandalism Hits South Dakota

By Deane Barker on August 8, 2006

Wikipedia entry on Herseth marred: South Dakota got dragged into Wikipedia controversy today, with some apparently strategic vandalism of the Wikipedia page belonging to our (sole) House Rep Stephanie Herseth.

[The changes] read: “She opposes abortion rights, citing her new found change of heart after announcing her pregnancy…, has been vocal against cuts to veterans programs, has advocated the use of renewable fuels like ethanol, and supports farm programs.:

While I don’t think there’s been an official statement, it’s safe to say she’s not pregnant. Herseth is single, which would be an obvious controversy (we’re in the middle of the Bible Belt here), and we’re all neck-deep in the abortion battle in this state.

The question becomes, who did it? Rumors are flying that there was an email making the rounds of a certain political group a few minutes after the change was recorded, which would seem to indicate they knew about it beforehand, but who knows. What’s interesting is that it could either way on something like this: someone could have done it to defame her, or someone sympathetic to her could have done it to make it look like she was being unfairly defamed.

You really gotta love American politics.