NDoc Gets Plowed under

By Deane Barker on August 8, 2006

NDoc 2.0 – R.I.P: NDoc was/is a documentation tool for .Net. It crawled your source code and produced a big pile of API documentation from your code structure and comments.

Well, Microsoft has just released SandCastle which is their official tool to do the same thing. The guy who has worked on NDoc free of charge all these years is a little bitter about it:

Since 1.3 was released, there have been the grand total of eleven donations to the project. In fact, were it not for Oleg Tkachenko’s kind donation of a MS MVP MSDN subscription, I would not even have a copy of VS2005 to work with!

[…] Once “Sandcastle” is released, it is my belief that it will become the de-facto standard and that NDoc will slowly become a stagnant side-water. This will happen regardless of technical considerations, even if Sandcastle were to be less feature-complete. It’s just an inevitable result of MS’s ‘not-invented-here’ mentality, one only has to look at Nant and NUnit to see the effects of MS ‘competition’.

I can’t blame him, really.



  1. Why do people get upset when they release something for free and no one pays them? I’m sure placing a small price like $5 or $10 for NDoc would have been paid for those who use it. But you shouldn’t get upset when you release and continue to update an Open Source project and no one gives you money.

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