New Xeon-Powered Mac Pro; Anybody Surprised?

By on August 7, 2006

I know this is late, and you’ve probably already heard, but today Apple cut loose the new Mac Pro — the successor to the G5 Power Macintosh. Prices start at $2,199 for a dual-processor, dual-core 2GHz machine. An extra $1,100 will replace the 2GHz Xeons with 3GHz processors. The exterior looks just like the G5 machines; tall, lovely brushed aluminum monsters (still too wide to fit in a rack, so break out your hacksaw if that’s where you need to mount it.)

Their choice of the “Mac Pro” naming scheme is the first thing that struck me; with the Intel-powered laptops, the MacBook Pro came out first, which is the high-end laptop. It was followed by the MacBook which replaced the iBook as the consumer-level offering. So the question is, with they follow the same naming convention with the desktop machines?

I’m thinking so. The Mac Pro is definitely forming the high-end of the Mac line; they’re even calling it a “workstation” rather than a desktop. Next will come something with a little less oomph than the Pro, but more expandability options than the iMac or the mini, carrying the “desktop” moniker. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but it would sure make sense. Time will tell.

Just for fun, I went to the Apple Store to custom configure a Mac Pro. I clicked all the buttons and got the price up to $12,288 (monitors and non-standard software not included). That’d get you a fully decked out Mac Pro with two-3GHz Dual-Core Xeon processors, four-250GB drives, 16GB RAM, wireless keyboard & mouse, NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 video card, and two CD-RW/DVD-R SuperDrives. The only things I left off were the Fibre Channel card and the USB modem ($49), as they both seemed a bit superfluous. All in all, it makes Deane’s snazzy Dell XPS system seem like a Yugo in comparison. At least price-wise.

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  1. …but didn’t Deane price that out before Dell bought Voodoo? I suspect that might make a difference in the mark-up – maybe bring it up to a Chevy Cavalier :)

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