Windows User Account Escalation Hack

By Deane Barker on August 2, 2006

Liquid Web Project Streamer – r0t0r00t3r: For the record, this hack works exactly as they display here. Anyone can effectively open a Windows shell (explorer.exe) as the SYSTEM account. I don’t know the specifics of what this allows you to do, but it sure looks scary.

This could probably come in handy if I ever lost the admin password for a machine. But can it really be this simple?

(Warning: Embedded video, profane soundtrack. Fred Durst hates you, man)



  1. Have you actually /tried/ that on a fully patched windows xp box with a normal user account (hint, I have)

  2. I just tried it from a normal Windows users account and got “Access Denied”. Deane, did you run it from a User account or an Administrator account?

  3. As Matt pointed out above, this very well may have worked for me because I was a local admin to start with. Never thought of that.

  4. yeh my prick of a brother must have got this shit and hacks into my pc… so with my handy ol’ tower with a nice lock i prevent him from getting on and breaking it like he does with everything else…

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