Ninjas in the Data Center

By Deane Barker on July 20, 2006

A True Ninja Hacker Is Like The Wind: A sysadmin gets a notifcation that there’s been a physical breach to a server case in his data center. Then another. Then another.

The most logical explanation that Mark and the Ukrainians could think of was that an elite team of corporate ninja hackers some how managed to breach the data center. Since the data center is highly secured, the ninjas must have gotten roof access (probably with a helicopter) and repelled down to the ventilation shaft. From there, they likely blew a hole in a wall with their ninja explosives and were in the middle of stealing terabytes of highly-sensitive corporate data.

Mark and his Ukrainian team had no idea how many ninjas to expect, but they were prepared for anything: Borysko brought a putter that he had kept in his cube. Shaking nervously as he slid his access card across the security panel, Mark and the Ukrainians burst into the server room. It was empty. Could the ninjas have escaped already?

Needless to say, there were no ninjas.