Exploding Dell

By Deane Barker on June 29, 2006

Dell laptop explodes at Japanese conference: The pictures here are great. For the record, Dell has “captured” the laptop in question and is examining it.

“Top men are looking into it.”


“Top [pause] men.”

Cut to nails being hammered into a crate, and an old man wheeling it deep into a huge warehouse.



  1. I have an old (circa 2001) Dell laptop. The screen, keyboard, trackpad, and battery no longer work and have been removed. It sits on my desk connected to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and continues to compute just as well as it did the day it left the factory.

    I can’t kill it, I’ve tried. It’s been drowned, dropped, smashed, bent, broken, denied warranty coverage, and gasp used through 4 years of college.

    I predict a fate of spontaneous combustion similar to that unfortunate Japanese incident. That’s about the only way I can see it ending its computing life cycle.

  2. I’ve had pretty good luck with Dell’s too. Personally, and for various companies and organizations, I’ve purchased about 30 of them over the last two or three years. One laptop came with a bad keyboard, but that’s about it (and they sent me a replacement keyboard right away which I installed in about two minutes).

    But, given the number of Dell’s that sell, there are any number of horror stories out there. I know this post’s comments will become a gathering place for people to complain.

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