By Deane Barker on July 21, 2003

VersionTracker: Windows Software: I don’t understand the “VersionTracker” part, but lots of free- and shareware links here.



  1. I believe Version Tracker was primarily a Mac site a couple of years ago. The “Version Tracker” part is because this site is an excellent resource to find the latest version of software so you know if you have the most current version. Developers seem to notify this site when they release upgrades.

  2. I remembered this when brought up the Mac thing:,2125,50329,00.html

    “VersionTracker is a Macintosh-oriented software-download site that allows people to keep their computers constantly, if not obsessively, updated. Every day, the site lists all the new titles, upgrades and updates for a bewildering number of software applications, from humble screensavers to the latest 3D bloodbath games.”

  3. VersionTracker has been a staple in the Mac support community for a lot of years, I think since the early ’90’s. It’s the first place I go to find the latest version of any software; much quicker and easier than going tracking down the publisher, and trying to find what you’re looking for there.

    Only in the last couple of years have they diversified into Winders & Palm (Linux next?); since then it seems they have had a more difficult time financially. I think they became affiliated with MacFixIt about the same time, and MacFixIt started charging for access. That was a bummer. They also offer VersionTracker Pro and Plus, which are paid services that customize the software listings for a specific computer without ads. Not sure what they ask for it or if it’s worth it.

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