Online To-Do Lists

By Deane Barker on June 22, 2006

25 To Do Lists to Stay Productive: Here’s a great wrap-up of online to-do list services. There’s some really interesting stuff out there.

There are a few things I look for when working with an online to do list. I like the service to be clean and organized displaying uncompleted/completed tasks. It also must allow for simple adding and editing of tasks. And lastly, don’t hate me for this, but if I am going to be using this to do list every day for who knows how long, it must be attractive.



  1. Ah, but if only there was a better selection of GPL-licensed server-installable to-do list software, and then I would:

    • Not have to shell out the extra money every month for yet another service.
    • Be able to make any little changes to bring the system more in line with my needs.
    • Feel the security of my own list items being on my own server, and not managed by someone else.
    • Have the same reliability in my to-do list as in my web sites, which might be an improvement over an overburdened, underfunded no-fee service.
    • Wouldn’t feel beholden to a commercial entity for updates and features.

    But no, everyone wants to make a buck offering to-do lists – as trivial as they are – as a service. Bah.

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