A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very-Bad Day On Location

By on June 19, 2006

The crew filming the new James Bond flick, Casino Royale, managed to smash to pieces not one, not two, but three $300,000 Aston Martin DBS V12’s in a single afternoon.

… in the style of 007 our stunt driver walked away without a scratch.

A huge loss, but I guess that’s why they have spares on hand. Let’s hope they have at least one more to finish fiiming.

Joe: Deane could probably use some encouraging words upon hearing of this.

Via Jalopnik. Original story.



  1. Actually, it was a good day, since they planned to break them, and no-one got hurt.

    And do we really think they were fully kitted out DB12s ?.

    I think not.

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