Jet vs. Car vs. Motorcycle

By Deane Barker on June 18, 2006

Jet vs Car vs Motorcycle: I wish I had some background on this clip. It’s a fighter jet of some kind, what looks to be a Porsche 911 Turbo, and a superbike in a drag race.

Fun to watch, but it ends about how you’d expect. The bike beats everyone off the line, the plane smokes everyone about halfway through, and the car eventually catches the bike on the top end (after the plane has taken to the air).



  1. The plane looks to be similar to the old F-4 Phantom or an Intruder, both Vietnam war vintage in use by the Navy. The French also have a couple jets similar in appearance to those.

  2. From the voiceover on the video, it looks to be Russian, or east-European, but the plane looks like a Sepecat Jaguar.

    The bike didn’t look like it was doing too well, and the rider was pretty disgusted with something. One thing is for sure; I wouldn’t want to be driving a car – much less riding a motorcycle – that close to a jet on take-off. The jet wash would be enough to send either one off the road.

  3. This jet is not a Jaguar or ohantom – it belongs I think to the Hungarian Airforce but not sure what it is – it’s not a Mig or Sukhoi so no other options left that I can immediately think of………

  4. That is not a dassault mirage f1 the intakes are square in the plane in the video dassault mirage arrow type intakes.

  5. If the bike is a stock R1, as it appears to be, the top speed is limited at 189 MPH. I don’t know what the top speed of the 911 is but i don’t think it is quite that high, leading me to believe something on the bike broke down. That or the jet wash knocked him senseless.

  6. THE PLANE IS (ORAO J-22)-eagle J-22 is made in Serbija, this is shot in Serbija not in rumunijaor hungaru…

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