By on June 13, 2006

Here’s a totally addictive game I hadn’t seen before; Roboclaw, from the folks over at scenta (got sucked into it by following a new comment on an old post.)

You use the arrow keys to control a robot arm to pick up & drop a ball into a cup while trying to avoid stationary and moving obstacles. Each stage gets progressively harder, until you ultimately lose. But then you have to try again. Glad I didn’t find this while at work, or I wouldn’t have got anything done today.

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  1. Thanks. I did find it at work.

    I actually found my kinematics & mechanisms classwork coming back to me on that one…

  2. I don’t remember what my score was, nor the level number (19 I think?)… The one that got me is the one with the ball, the target, and the bar all swinging together. Dang.

    My kid got as far as the one where the arm is rotating around a fixed box, with the ball and cup inside the box. He lost eight lives in that, and went no further. Looking at the high scores, there must be 30-40 levels. They must get pretty interesting.

  3. There’s a bug in the game where you can press space at the game over screen and continue with the level you just lost at, with -1 lives. Then, from that point on, you can’t lose the game (life decreases, but apparently the game only checks for lives=0).

    Anyways, I managed to play this enough to pass all the levels fairly fast (2085 was my high score). It IS addictive.

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