JetBlue Closer to In-Flight Net Access

By Deane Barker on June 5, 2006

JetBlue wins air-ground wireless license: JetBlue is my new favorite airline.

JetBlue Airways Corp. won a government auction Friday for wireless spectrum that could be used to provide in-flight telephone, Internet, or entertainment services.

On a related note, I used an airline phone a couple of weeks ago, for the first time in years. I had forgotten to cancel a hotel reservation, and I remembered about 30 minutes into a three hour flight.

The sound quality was amazing. I had used one 10 years ago, and the quality was horrible. But this time it was just as good as any land line I’ve ever used.



  1. In-flight internet has been offered for a while in several Asian and European Airlines.

    I flew to japan and china last week on Japan’ s ANA Airlines and used the in-flight wireless internet. It is satellite based and inside the plane is 802.11g. It was completely amazing how reliable and fast the connection was. I even used skype to call my family. It was $29.95 for a 24hr window including connecting flights. Considering the first flight was 11.5 hours long, I think it was cheap. The service is provided by Boeing.

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