Desktop Monitoring of Outsourcers

By Deane Barker on May 25, 2006

Found this from a company offering offshore programming services:

Through our Hire Manage Pay system, professional’s work time is automatically logged along with webcam and desktop snapshots proving accurate timesheet management.

So all programmers machines are monitored by webcam and screencaps, which you can then review to be sure they’re working on what they say they are for the amount of time they say they are. Fascinating. How long until this gets to U.S. IT shops?



  1. this kind of crap makes me wanna puke. you just know that the morons who (mis-)run AmeriKan business will import this “innovation” sooner or later. it makes me sad that I ever got into the computer business 29 years ago.

    i can’t even imagine working in a shop like that, it takes the phrase “IT lockdown” (or is that “IT dumbdown”?) to a whole new level….

    i gotta get into a new gig. this garbage is coming and it sickens me.


  2. This sort of thing wouldn’t be tolerated in the U.S., it’s clearly a ridiculous invasion of privacy. Everyone knows a good programmer spends a significant amount of time screwing around, anyway :)

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