Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

By Deane Barker on May 18, 2006

Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! The Premier James Bond Web Site: This is a small tribute to the end of a site I helped build. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was — at one time — the most amazing James Bond site ever. I was one of the four founding editors.

It’s never easy letting go of something you care deeply about, but after a lot of difficult soul-searching we’ve all come to realize that we simply don’t have the time or resources to keep this site flourishing as it should. To that end, we’ve reluctantly decided to shut down operations at MKKBB (at least as we’ve known it to date) and give the old girl a graceful exit.

Over the years we:

  • Had the author of the James Bond novels stay with one of our editors will he researched his next book.
  • Interviewed a five-time James Bond director
  • Camped someone out on the banks of the Thames while they filmed the teaser sequence from The World is Not Enough (we found out later that the first unit was checking our site daily for updates on what the second unit was shooting).
  • Got linked to from — they just decided that we were covering the news better than they were.
  • Maintained and greatly expanded the official James Bond Usenet FAQ.
  • Gave away an HP Journada — the PDA thingamjig from The World is Not Enough. PDAs were wicked cool back then.
  • Auctioned off a copy of Playboy signed by Raymond Benson — the author of the novels — Hugh Hefner, and the two playmates who appeared in a Bond short story within it.

This site was the first cool thing I ever did on the Internet, and I think it set the tone for everything I’ve done on the Net since then. It’s sad to see it go, but we all…grew up. We got married, had kids, got “real” jobs. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since it all started.

So, David, Panos, Ajay, and James — thanks for all the memories.

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  1. I used to read MKKBB regularly, especially before TWINE came out. It’s sad to see it go.

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