Proof of the Ubiquity of Wireless

By Deane Barker on May 18, 2006

I’m in a hotel in Boston right now — the Airport Holiday Inn, no less. It has high-speed Internet, but wireless only. The ethernet cables no longer work. No wireless card, no Internet.



  1. I ran into that same situation a couple of weeks ago at a Hampton Inn in central PA. The network RJ45 connector was above the desk in the room and even had a network patch cable attached to it, but the line was dead (yes, I tried it).

    I asked, and the deskclerk said they no longer used the wiring since they had installed the wireless network. They related that if your PC didn’t have wireless they had USB network adapters they would give you.

    Personally I think I would at least remove the patch cables. :-)

  2. I ran into the same thing last week at my hotel in Seattle; wireless only but they did rent wireless nics at the front desk.

  3. At least you guys don’t have to pay 108euro for 7 days worth of access to the internet in a hotel in Munich.

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