Microsoft XPS

By Deane Barker on May 17, 2006

XML Paper Specification: Overview: XPS is Microsoft’s planned competitor to PDF. I wonder if Dell is miffed about the name?

The XML Paper Specification describes the XPS Document format. A document in XPS Document format (XPS Document) is a paginated representation of electronic paper described in an XML-based format. The XPS Document format is an open, cross-platform document format that allows customers to effortlessly create, share, print, and archive paginated documents.



  1. How stupid is that? Buck an industry trend like pdf so they can brew their own? PDF these days is like paper; everybody uses it for just about everything. This move is like MS telling people that they’ll have to run Saran Wrap through their printers if printing from Windows.

    Can’t wait until the PC geniuses in the print industry start using XPS for “art files” like they use Publisher. They say it’ll be cross-platform, but Mac support for XPS will likely suck as badly as support for WMP — oh wait; WMP on the Mac is no longer supported!

    I’d wager that MS is doing this primarily to get away from paying Adobe to license pdf abilities. And I’m sure they’ll turn around and demand royalties on “XPS” anytime anybody sells software that uses their new “standard”. Bill just can’t stand it when somebody’s got a better idea than his and he can’t buy it. He just forces a change in the standard.

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