Sneaking Around in Plain View

By Deane Barker on May 11, 2006

Whatever happened to crooks hiding their wherebouts and activities? I found this site today, posted as a link to a public forum. Their Web site says this:

Welcome to our website. We provide different types of services such as:

  • proffessional cracking of any kind of software (CAD, CAM, CAE, EDA, GIS, PCB, FEA, FEM, CNC, CFD, PDS, 3D, Optics etc.) designed for any kind of operating systems(Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2, MAC OS etc.)
  • producing keygens, licenses for different proctection systems (FlexLM, SentinelLM, ElanLM, CrypKey, etc.)
  • producing emulators for any kind of dongles (SentinelPro, SentinelSuperPro, Hasp4, Hardlock, WIBU, Guardant, etc.)
  • quality reverse engineering (decompilation of programs, algorithms reconstruction, etc.)
  • any other reverse engineering services…

The domain record had a Russian email address and no street address in Hamburg, Germany.



  1. They comment-spammed my site a few days ago. Seems likely that they’re using an automated forum and blog comment submission tool of some sort. And a pretty sophisticated one, too, in order to get past my anti-automated-spam defenses.

  2. Hamburg is the inofficial “Hacker Capital” of Germany. It’s where the “Chaos Computer Club” (CCC) was founded, and where the first pre-Internet hacks occured. Internet came rather late to Germany, covering universities in the 1980ies first – by then we had a rather complex and widespread screentext system (BTX – see which was used for online banking etc.

    The CCC always tried to set themselves apart from “Profit Hackers”, but still involuntarily nurtured them in their wake. There have been connections between the German- (and Hamburg) Hacker scene and Russia since the mid Eighties.

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