World Of Warcraft: The Movie

By on May 10, 2006

Ars Technica reports that Blizzard has given Legendary Pictures the go-ahead for a Warcraft movie:

“From our first Warcraft game to our latest novels, our intention has always been to develop a rich fantasy universe that could support stories and products in many forms,” stated Chris Metzen, Blizzard Entertainment’s vice president of creative development. “In addition to being a truly rewarding experience for us, the creation of this motion picture also feels like a natural next step for the Warcraft universe.”

The big question: How will they work in the line LEEEEROOY JEEEENKINS!”

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  1. I hope it is Life-action. It could be very well done like Lord of the Rings or Troy or even Narnia

  2. As cool as it would be to see life-action similar to LOTR, a WoW movie utilising the graphics that the cutscenes do in the game would stay more true to it’s roots and i think the fanbase would be happier to see it… i mean i’m practically drooling over the video intro to the game

  3. Yeah the problem w/ live-action would be (IMO) that there are no actors that truly capture the essence of the warcraft universe you know? plus the environments and everything else pretty much would HAVE to be CG, just due to the extreme stylization of it all. But i swear to god if the do make it live action, they better not cast that fag orlando bloom as a night elf hunter. i would stab people. anyways, I agree with Mark, just do a movie to the quality of the cutscenes and everything will be awesome all day.

  4. man, i hate orlando bloom with a passion.

    a WoW movie would be sweet. they should do it all animated too. i dont think they could capture everything like all the gear and mainly azeroth.

  5. i have a bad feeling about making this movie with live-action, it should deffinently stay at its roots… the only problem is they might fear the animation would only target the younger generation of WoW players and not the 20+ year old crowd dispite the realism they can make it in, but i dunno for sure

    i just hope its all CG

  6. well i think you’re all looking at it wrong. Think of movies here in the recent history. Resident Evil, critics pounded that movie because it didn’t follow the story line of the game. Silent Hill, followed the story line, but fans hated it because they knew the outcome. Warcraft has a much bigger fanbase than either of these, and Blizzard has to know that ALOT more thought and planning will have to go into this to be successful. Live action would be the best way to go, with a moderate amount of CGI. The story would have to contain references to the books/ games to keep its focus with the fans, but also must introduce something new. There are a few people that i can see adequately playing characters in this film, but some of their names / ego’s might get in the way. Tauren – Micheal Clark Duncan (Bear from Armageddon) Night Elf druid/hunter – Rebecca Ramjin-Stamos(Mystique X-Men) Gnome caster – Peter Dinklage ( midget from Elf ) Human Pally – Dolph Lundgren (if it wasn’t for acting skills) definately looks the part Rogue human / undead – Mark Wahlberg ( Four Brothers) Christian Bale ( Batman ) Troll Shamman – Kevin Peter Hall ( played the Predator) the guy is 7’8 Undead – Chad Lindberg ( Jesse – Fast and the Furious) and anybody can play an orc. I think this would be an awesome cast but would cost a pretty penny. It can be done, and it can be successful but they cant get too worried about deadlines

  7. I think I would be happy with a completely CG animated movie. However, I could see live actors with lots of CG for environmental and special effects getting the job done as well.

    First off, Peter Jackson has to direct this thing. He truly captured the essence of LoTR and didn’t disappoint LoTR fans and would be my first choice as a director.

    Secondly, I think that if they do use live actors, they need a bunch of unknowns … or some big names if they are unrecognizeable due to costumes, i.e. Michael Duncan Clark as a tauren would work. The reason I say use no names is because nothing ruins a good story like this one more than seeing the guy who played in that chic flick you watched with your girlfriend portraying a mighty warrior in this one …. or that guy who played the mentally challenged guy in that one movie now playing some ancient night elf priest or something. I just prefer no names or at least well disguised big name actors/actresses.

    That’s my two cents and humble opinion. Either way, I hope the movie lives up to expectations and doesn’t disappoint the World of Warcraft fans.

  8. kevin peter hall would indeed be cool had it not been for the fact that he’s been dead for some time.

  9. I have a good feeling about this, and i don’t see them cutting any corners. When your fan base is over 6mil, and you realise that there are some who one bad aspect of a franchise (a movie) will kill their interest in the whole thing, well thats 6,000,000 x $15mo, you do the math. If anything they can afford to do it on LotR scale, and i think it would be a crime not to and i think they know that. also i see them having the resorces to do huge scale CG battles and then zoom in to expert hand-to-hand Live-action. It will rock if they don’t let the pressure get to them and just take their time. About the only way they can kill it %100 is if they go with big name actors, no CG, annoying cliche`s (drunk dwarf, and Pally who can only say “For the Light”), AND include some PoS love story between a human rouge and night elf priest. Also, who wouldnt enjoy hearing a faint “Leroy” amongst a thousand battle cries.

  10. I just hope they don’t use people that have a big fanbase.. like big stars, I suggest they do no names cause no names imo do a better job ‘really’ at parts in movies.

  11. Orlando Bloom would make a good blood elf with a bit of make up and the right attitude (no prancy crap, blood elves arent prancy).

  12. i think arthas should be played by someone who can play a man seeking to save his people but in the end condemn them

    ……… and then be killed by basutei, zinwrath, dirtyy, and puff =D

  13. Micky rourke would be a amazing Orc. His size alone would work and the attitude is perfect. A good Blood Elf would most likely be Christian Bale using the native british accent or a no name.

  14. lthoo i wasnt a fan of Resident Evil game or movie I am a huge Silent Hill fan and I loved the way they stuck to the roots of the game. It made it so much better u get such a different feel for the game when you watch the movie. I think if they do make a WoW movie I would hope they would try and make it as much like the game as posible…. I cant wait to see the trailor

  15. Live action would be alright but I really think sticking to CG would be much better. I mean look at the trailer for Beowulf (all of it is completely CGI). Didn’t Blizz have a hand in that? That looks amazing. Either way they go (live action or CGI) I’m still gonna go see it the first chance I get and hopefully I wont be dissapointed. I’m sure I won’t be. The only thing I’m worried about is the rating really.. I heard they are shooting for PG-13. So that just means that its gonna be kind of weak. I know that they have to shoot for the younger crowd to but I just dont think they will get the true feeling of “WAR” with a PG-13 movie!! LotR did good so who knows…

  16. you guys are all stupid just let them make the movie and watch it when it comes out, your all looking way to into this

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