Which is the Fastest Web Language?

By Deane Barker on May 8, 2006

Fastest web language: Interesting thread over on Spolsky’s forums on the perennial question: which Web language is the fastest? Some points that jumped out at me (all from different posters):

Once you scale up to the point at which performance actually matters, the database is usually the bottleneck. Using efficient queries against an efficient schema is far more important than the language you choose for the front end. […]

The amount of time your code runs in a round-trip HTTP request/response is pretty small. TCP/IP latency and db access are going to dwarf it. […]

I know that Java is an inherently faster execution environment than PHP. But enterprise Java developers waste all of that extra processing power on overly-complex architectures (Have you ever heard of a PHP developer writing a ReflectiveRequestInterceptorFactoryImpl class?) […]

All great points.



  1. That last point rings true with ASP.NET development as well. Database abstraction is great, but not when adding a very simple query involves tracing code through 14 different classes just to find a connection.

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