“It’s gettin’ bad down here…send in the iPods.”

By Deane Barker on May 7, 2006

Trapped miners given iPods to ease tension of rescue effort: Only the bare necessities.

Two Australian miners trapped for more than a week in a tiny cage almost half a mile underground have been given iPods to help them pass the time as rescuers began drilling an escape tunnel.



  1. That’s genious!

    Now if someone can come out with a pocketpc with a 30gb drive built in. Why can you get a 30gb ipod but not a pocketpc with 30g drive?

  2. I would bet their family could tell them if not. I bet a good mix of country and southern rock would be well received.

  3. You never know…. My family would be absolutely clueless if it were me, and I could assure you that country and southern rock would not be well received. Could be the same for the miners. Or not. But wouldn’t that just suck if it were. I mean, you’re stuck in a mine shaft and these iPods come and you’re just “YES! SOMETHING TO DO! Aw, they expect me to listen to this crap?” Certainly wouldn’t be the highlight of my day.

  4. Miner A: “Eye Spy something– ”
    Miner B: “It’s your helmet light. again. Now shut up.”
    Miner A: “…”

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