By Deane Barker on May 6, 2006

MiniHitch Product Specifications: This is a really neat little idea.

The MiniHitch allows you to mount your Mac Mini on the back of your monitor, by making use of the 100mm or 75mm spacing VESA pattern mounting holes found on the back of many LCD monitors.

Slick design as well as practical, frees up your desk space, as well as protects your Mac Mini from scratches.

If you’ve never seen one, the Mac Mini is wicked small. We talked about ours here.

I was really surprised at how small the Mini actually is. Pictures do not do it justice. If someone wanted to work on the same machine at work or at home, it would be perfectly reasonable to pick it up off the desk at the end of the day, and put it in a briefcase or even a large purse, and just carry it home. If you think you need a laptop, maybe you just need a Mini and two monitors.

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