The Euro Symbol in HTML

By Deane Barker on May 5, 2006

The euro sign in HTML (and in some other contexts): I had to use that weird euro sign in the last post. I copped out and just wrote “euro.” Here’s a page full of different ways to handle the Euro in HTML. Interesting.

In HTML documents, it is best to refer to the euro currency with words and to avoid using the euro sign, until sufficiently widespread support to it exists in browsers. If you use the euro sign, the correct numeric reference is & # 8 3 6 4; and the correct entity reference is & e u r o;. This document also discusses some alternative methods, such as using an image, and also some incorrect methods.



    • Mac: Shift-Option-2
    • Windows (USA): Alt+Numpad 0128
    • Windows (USA) with US-International layout selected in control panel: Right Alt+5

    Since this site is served as ISO-8859-1 which doesn’t include the Euro symbol I think Deane will have to use € or €.

    If the site was served as ISO-8859-15 or as UTF-8 he could type the symbol in directly. In the future all your base are belong to UTF-8!

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