Entropia Jumps the Gap Between Real and Fake Life

By Deane Barker on May 2, 2006

Entropia Universe Players Can Cash Their Online Earnings at the A.T.M: Get to a church. The end of civilization is near.

Until now you would be plumb out of luck. But today the makers of Entropia Universe, a popular online science-fiction game, plan to introduce a real-world A.T.M. card that will allow players instantly to withdraw hard cash automatically converted from their virtual game treasury. So a player with, say, 2,000 spare P.E.D.’s (Project Entropia Dollars) left over after purchasing a new laser rifle in the game could withdraw $200 and take a date to a real-life ballgame.



  1. Just wait until my wife hears the reason I left my job.

    “No honey, you don’t understand. I can make money playing video games now.”

    Hmmm…something tells me this won’t go over well.

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