There’s Life in the Valley Yet

By Deane Barker on July 20, 2003 – Tiny signs of life bloom in Silicon Valley: This is the latest in several articles I’ve read lately about Silicon Valley coming back to life.

“Year-over-year job losses in Santa Clara County — the heart of the Valley — are easing. Median home prices, among the highest in the nation, have climbed since April, easing fears of a housing bubble. Stocks of Valley linchpins eBay, Cisco Systems and Yahoo, which took a beating during the Internet bust, are surging again, enriching employees with stock options.Intel, No. 1 chipmaker and Silicon Valley stalwart, Tuesday posted an 8% year-over-year quarterly increase in revenue, its biggest in three years. In California, tech job listings online are up 11% this year, says recruitment site HotJobs. Venerable stomping grounds of the tech sect, quiet while patrons licked their wounds, are bustling again.”