Lost: The Internet Game

By Deane Barker on May 1, 2006

Hit TV show to become interactive game: I wonder if they’re going to tie into all the fake Web sites they have out there.

ABC will launch a global interactive game based on the hit TV show “Lost,” the network announced Monday.

Details, however, are about as mysterious and convoluted as the plot of the island castaway drama. The “Lost Experience” will be Internet-based and will feature a parallel story line that is not part of the TV show.

What This Links To


  1. On the Oceanic Airlines “fake” site, on the home page, there’s a blurb about the airlines being closed down because of the crash of Flight 815. If you click on that area …. and/or hover over it, eventually there is type over the other type. If you highlight it, you will see a message from one of the survivors saying he was in the plane that crashed on an Island and that he is alive. If they are not found .. please let his parents know. However … doesn’t give a name … oh, silly him!! LOL

  2. The website with the flight seats and all the secret videos, etc. that you are talking about…I found that a LONG time ago and I was wondering if it still exists? If so, what is the URL?

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