Napster is Free…Again

By Deane Barker on May 1, 2006

Napster to let users face the music…for free: This is the new trend. Rhapsody has done something like this, and Pandora has been offering free music for a while. Online music is rapidly becoming like radio, except you can pick what songs are played, whenever you like.

Napster, the online music service company, said Monday it would offer listeners the chance to listen to more than two 2 million songs for free through a new, ad-supported Web site.

The company said its new free music feature would only be available within the United States at first, but it planned to expand the service into other territories.

Napster said visitors to its site could listen to any of two million listings for free, up to five times each.

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  1. At first I wanted to try napster out using their gift card, but then I heard that you still have to pay for their service anyway

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