How to Take Notes Online

By Deane Barker on April 29, 2006

Fifty Ways to Take Notes: Here’s a fairly insane list of ways to take quick notes online. I still use Yahoo Notepad, but I need to start using my company wiki.

[…] when it comes to note taking, I personally look for quick and simple. If I have something on my mind, I don’t want to go through some advanced system and climb a mountain just to save a note for myself. There won’t be all the note taking tools out there on my list, but ones that I feel get the job done well.

Seriously, though, there are services here I never knew existed.



  1. I found Fruit Notes very interesting too for notes taking. Thought to share it with you guys.

    Cool ways of store notes online

    1) Call a number and record your notes! – I found this very useful, I can record anything at anytime from my bed, from bus or car whenever anything pops up in my head, I sometime use it to record conferences or meeting minutes.

    2) Write text notes – this is wonderful to search my notes later at anytime and share my stories with friends.

    3) Attach video, audio and images to your notes – to recall those lovely memories later

    4) Share with friends! – helps in explaining my gf why I couldn’t meet her ;)

    And its all for FREE!

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