Yahoo! Go

By Deane Barker on April 26, 2006

Yahoo! Go – What Is It?: I don’t get how this works. It’s an OS for a DVR, essentially. But can you load a new OS on your DVR, or is this for a TV you make work like a DVR?

Now you can take Yahoo! off your computer and put it in your living room for everyone to see. View photos, search for video clips and watch movie trailers on your TV. Plus, your own digital video recorder (DVR) lets you record and watch your favorite shows anytime for free.



  1. Yahoo! Go is not an OS for DVR. Its a program that can sits on your computer and has all the functions of a DVR. (you will need a TV tuner card to be able to get TV on your PC) . Assuming your PC is equipped with a Tuner card you can use this program(Yahoo Go) to record shows on your pc or a network drive…pause, rewind etc live tv. So far so good…but you might be wonder how this gets out of your pc to your living room. Enter Window Media Center Edition(MCE), install that on your PC and get a Windows MCE Extender (fancy name for a router that streams stuff to your tv) for your TV and you can stream all the tv show’s that previously u watch on your pc (thru the TV tuner Card) to your TV. Windows MCE already comes with the program that lets your record live tv, pause, rewind, watch DVDs etc. the only differce between that and Yahoo Go is with yahoo go you can access videos,music, pictures all thru your single yahoo account. say you uploaded your pics to yahoo photos have photo albums there, and you listen to you favorite music thru Y Music, where you have created your playlists. to access all this stuff (to show your friends how cool you are :) ) you need a pc, and a yahoo account…well with Yahoo Go now that you can stream stuff from your computer to the tv you can show all this while sitting in your liviing room :) thats all there is to it :).

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