Mac OS 7 Simulator

By Deane Barker on April 22, 2006

WebSE – System 7 Simulation: Do you miss Mac OS 7.1? Here’s a Flash simulator so you feel a little better. It even has a screen saver if you leave it sit long enough.

Roughly what year would OS 7.1 be? We’ve obviously come a long way.

Via Brad Rhine.



  1. Wow, that makes me feel old. My first Mac ran 6.0.5, and 7.1 was in use on my first paid gig. Every now and again I’ll relive the 7.1 days by firing up the Color Classic that sits in my basement. I may even have a couple of 7.x installer disk sets floating around.

    What were PC’s running back in 90-91? DOS and Win3.1? Yikes!

  2. That assumes someone would have “upgraded” to Windows from the stone knives and bearskins they were already familiar with… but hey! I liked my 1040ST too much to jump over to something that strange :)

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