The Anti-Hoax Hoax

By on April 22, 2006

The Raw Feed is one of my favorite blogs. Mark Elgan has a great rant on email hoaxes over there that’s pure genius. He doesn’t just whine about the problem, though. He provides a great solution to your relatives that forward you hoax emails: The Anti-Email-Hoax Email Hoax

Please be aware. And pass it on if you think this will help someone. This was passed on to me by a friend.

This is an URGENT warning for all internet users — there is a dangerous e-mail virus propagating across the internet.

If anyone receives an e-mail hoax, chain letter or urban myth e-mail, please delete it WITHOUT FORWARDING IT!!

He goes on for a while like that in a tone perfect for freaking out my Mom. Seriously tempted to spam my address book with that.



  1. It is a site that claims to be humans competing for a prize, but it is a majority of bots. They lied to me repeativly about the bots existance and even play head games. This site is completely immortal and the winners are fixed. They use cheating software to change odds.

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