Parked Domains and Stupid Statistics

By Deane Barker on April 19, 2006

Perens Launches ‘OpenSourceParking’: This is just kind of silly, really. It’s just people playing with statistics for no relevant reason except that companies use useless statistics like these to “prove” their products are more popular.

Windows’ share [of the hosting market jumped] 5 percent as domain registrar Go Daddy moved 4.5 million parked domains from Linux to Windows Server 2003. To regain that share, Perens is calling on open source users to park undeveloped domains at OpenSourceParking, with the advertising revenue being used to fund political advocacy efforts on behalf of open source software

How could we exclude parked domains from these stats? And did GoDaddy consider the implications of their platform switch?



  1. Well it might be that Microsoft offered the software for free to Godaddy in order to boost their rankings? No cost to them and MS gets free PR?

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