Solution Watch

By Deane Barker on April 15, 2006

Solution Watch: This is just a great blog. It’s full of in-depth reviews of really cool new Web tools and services.

Solution Watch surveys the bleeding-edge of the productivity world, reviewing and providing in-depth walkthroughs of today’s best services all day and every day.

The posting volume is low — perhaps three or four a week (certainly not the “every day” the above quote claims), but the reviews are deeper than what you get in most places.

There are very few blogs that I get excited about when Bloglines tells me there’s a new post. Solution Watch is one of those few blogs.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for featuring Solution Watch! Great easter present :-)

    I’m glad you like it. The posting volume is low, and believe me, I’ve been trying to pick up the pace! I’m just very limited on my time these days, unfortunately. But that will change soon (once I leave one of my programming jobs :-x).

    But, thanks a lot for the kind words, Deane. Means a lot, especially because its coming from a blog I absolutely love and couldn’t believe it when this post came up in Bloglines.

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