Free Music and Rhapsody

By Deane Barker on April 15, 2006

Rhapsody is giving away music. I was able to listen to a dozen full-length songs today with no cost and no catch. According to this article at O’Reilly, anonymous users can listen to 25 songs per month (but no free repeats — the same song twice counts as two songs). No registration, no credit card.

Cooler yet, there’s a RESTful API — The album is optional. These guys are good. And I’m totally addicted to this show.

It requires an ActiveX control or a Firefox plugin, but that’s a small price to pay for totally free music with no registration required.

It’s good business too. By giving away music, they got me to use their site quite a bit, and I have to say, it’s well done. I’m tempted to subscribe — $10 a month to have any song I want on my desktop while I’m working? That’s not a bad deal at all.

No, you don’t get to keep the music like with iTunes, but I don’t much care. In my experience, managing iTunes music is a pain anyway — my wife still has to log in under my Windows account to listen to music I bought. We’ve tried to move them around, but they still won’t appear under her iTunes, no matter what we do.

So, Rhapsody is essentially a radio station that will play anything I want, whenever I want. Would I pay $10 a month for this? Yeah, I probably would. In fact, I probably will.

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  1. It requires an ActiveX control or a Firefox plugin.

    No, strictly speaking, it doesn’t. I listen (free!) on my G4-mac with Safari. It works with Linux as well, as I understand it. Which is, possibly, even more amazing :-)

  2. I have also thought about the $10 / month. However, Pandora is still treating me very well for free. Sure, it’s not the exact songs I want to hear, but it has introduced me to bands like Muse which is enough to keep me listening for my next favorite band.

    Plus, anything associated with Real is evil.

  3. i have wrote 2 songs and have put them on a C.D. and would like smeone to listen to them how do i go about it. yours sincrely Don Falconer. e.mail don.

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