The Fancy Pants Adventure

By Deane Barker on April 13, 2006

The Fancy Pants Adventure: I just love the visuals of this Flash game. It’s like a doodle that moves.

The Fancy Pants Adventure is an online platform adventure game created by Brad Borne. You play a hip and well-animated character who, as one might have guessed, wears a very fancy pair of pants.

Nicely done. Very playable.



  1. This one is worse (better?) than Funky Truck. Thanks for ruining my productivity for the evening. Talk about addictive!

  2. Unbelieveable.

    Nice… no, perfect game for any needs. Sonic and mario in one… Nice idea. I can`t wait for the second game.

  3. I am the captain of Pants. Pants, Pants, Pants. Want some pants? Come to my Pants shop; we have lots of pants. Go forth my little Pants. Go! Paaanntts….

  4. You are not the Captain of Pants, you fool! He’s lying, everyone. He’s not the captain, I am! Look! See these pants? You think I got these by not being the Captain of Pants? Just look at them! sends forth Panties Over and out, Captain Pants.

  5. how do i find a website to play fancy pants on a school computer that wont let me on

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