Surprise: WinZip Makes Money

By Deane Barker on April 12, 2006

WinZip Disclosed Sales Figures: Interesting information on the revenues of WinZip, which I thought was dead just as soon as Windows included native zip support.

Most people say that they may not be selling much, because of a number of reasons (XP ZIP support, freeware competitors, still works after expired). It’s nice to know that they have annual revenues north of 20 million.

Never subestimate the power of enterprise licenses.



  1. Ok here’s my rant on WinZip. I purchased a copy when they were just getting started. I think it was $29.95 or something and I still have the little 3.5″ disk and the full color square envelope they mailed it in, which also has my serial. At the time I purchase was included upgrades forever.

    With the most recent release however I can no longer use my original serial and they want another $29.95 to upgrade to the latest version. I emailed them and complained but that didn’t work. I understand the idiocy and complexity of giving upgrades forever but obviously they are doing fine, they shouldn’t change the policy otherwise. Am I wrong to expect them to honor their original sales pitch?

    Also how the heck are they making that much money on WinZip? Who is buying it in that volume? At $29.95 that would mean around 667,779 units sold.

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