Using phpAdsNew with AdSense

By Deane Barker on April 11, 2006

PHPAdsNew and Google Adsense Integration: This guys used the great phpAdsNew to rotate ad generation code throughout his site. So phpAdsNew serves up the code that pulls in AdSense and YPN ads.

Am I a complete idiot because this never, ever occured to me? It seems so utterly obvious now…

Another great way I have used PHPAdsNew is to test YPN vs Google Adsense vs Adbrite vs whatever. This is obviously quite effective and will give you some clear indications on which platform works best for your content.

Yet another excellent application for this type of setup is for sharing ad revenue with bloggers or other members of your web team.

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  1. PHPAdsNew is one of those tools that’s so great it’s impossible to believe that it’s totally free, but it is.

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