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By Deane Barker on March 31, 2006

Dabble DB: 7 Minute Video: Holy cats, this app looks good. Think Access on the Web. I shut off the video halfway through, because it was just too much to handle. My head is spinning. Good Lord, man — someone get me some water.

This comes via has_many :though, which is a pretty funny name for a blog about Rails. They claim it’s written in SmallTalk, which I’m tempted to call BS on.

Dabble uses the “fade the screen in the background” method of pop-up interfaces, like SquareSpace and the Lightbox image gallery. Is this the new style in interface design?

We mentioned DabbleDB in the past, based on an in-depth review at Solution Watch.

Apps like this confirm that I suck.

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  1. “Apps like this confirm that I suck.”

    Oh man, almost lost my drink reading that last line :-)

    I know the feeling, but then I remember that this world would be a lot worse if I were the smartest guy around.

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