A Quarter-Million Well Spent

By on March 31, 2006

Mojave Laboratories, Inc.

…designs, engineers, and builds the most innovative armored tactical vehicles for organizations operating in hostile environments that need to offer highly safe, secure, and performance based transport and logistics capabilities to their teams.

One of their engineer’s is Scott Holloway, a former 3M research scientist.

From his office, Holloway studies the nature of this war, the men and women under attack, and the trucks — especially the trucks. How to make them fast enough to outrun trouble and strong enough to withstand gunfire, maybe even a roadside bomb.

Holloway once planned to make armor-plated SUVs for celebrities and rap stars. The war in Iraq turned his vague idea into a booming business, sending him to some of the world’s most dangerous places, where his $250,000 trucks — think Abrams tank with the soul of a sports car — are used by private security firms working alongside the military.

[…]Holloway designs the trucks, figuring out how to turn his concepts into reality. Using a 3-inch-thick window that weighs 180 pounds, for example, also means coming up with a way to make it possible for a driver to roll it down. “I’m the techie guy who likes to put fun stuff in trucks,” he said.

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  1. think Abrams tank with the soul of a sports car…

    Did you take a look at the specs for these monsters? The truck in the photo is based on a Mitsubishi pickup and retains the 4cyl diesel, which makes about 140 horsepower. But the truck has a GVW of 6500 pounds! I don’t know many sports cars that have a power to weight ratio like that. The bigger trucks, based on a either a Chevy 5500 or Ford F-550, does a little better, but with a GVW of 5 tons probably wouldn’t be much of a match for what most people call a sports car.

    I guess it’s more of a subjective comparison; these things would probably run rings around a HumVee or a tank.

  2. It’s definitely a subjective comparison, and not one made by our company, but rather the creative license of the reporter. With that said, the simple fact is for the same money, we can produce an armored tactical vehicle that absolutely runs rings around a HumVee, in every way you care to compare.

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