Web Design Competition

By Deane Barker on July 18, 2003

ShopFactory V6 Design competition: First place is five grand.

“What’s a good design? Anything that is professional and stands out from the crowd. We won’t know until we’ve seen what you can do. All we know is that our templates are in desperate need of updating – and we are sure many of you can do much better than we can do ourselves.”



  1. Deane – I’m starting to wonder what it is about your blog design that seems to mask the fact that you’re simply commenting on other sites and aren’t hosting either Bill Gates or a Design Competition.

    I wonder if it’s the link titles masking the actual target URL?

  2. Hi, we just launched the new brand for our design studio called “the Engine Room”. We have knocked together a website with all the work we have done over the years and a pretty tech interface.

    Check it out at http://www.engineroomonline.com,

    (i can’t work out if there is a competition going on here or not, but if there is consider this my entry)

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