The Zend Framework and Lucene

By Deane Barker on March 31, 2006

Roll Your Own Search Engine with ZendSearchLucene: The Zend Framework includes integration with Lucene, which is nice. Too many frameworks look right past full-text search.

Zend_Search_Lucene is a php port of the Apache Lucene project, a full-text search engine framework. ZendSearchLucene promises a simple way to add search functionality to an application without requiring additional php extensions or even a database.

Zend_Search_Lucene overcomes the usual limitations of relational databases with features such as fast indexing, ranked result sets, a powerful but simple query syntax, and the ability to index multiple fields.

I prefer Swish-E myself. It’s what powers this site, and I have a simple PHP interface I built for it.

In a related note, I’m doing some work on an existing ColdFusion site. For all of ColdFusion’s shortcomings, search is not one of them. CF has had integration with a bundled Verity search engine since I can’t remember when — as far back as version 4.5 at least.



  1. Swish-e is not well-maintained though and having a php solution that is reasonnably fast will help its adoption.

  2. What short comming does CFML have? CF is awesome! I use PHP, ASP, Java, and CFML. By far the most productive is CFML for projects.

    The others have their place, but I’m sorry, CFML rocks big time. oh yeah and if you’re cheap and think that oh it costs money, then check out BlueDragon, FREE CFML server! You can have the power of CFML on a linux box with mysql and bluedragon, and be so productive it’s not funny.

  3. So you mention you have some simple PHP interface for your Swish-e search. Wondering if you would be willing to share some knowledge or at least pass me the code. I generally build simple PHP sites for clients but on occasion I need a more robust search.

    Paul Menard

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