MMORPG Addiction

By Deane Barker on March 29, 2006

Help for an MMORPG Addict?: An interesting conversation over at Slashdot.

A friend of mine has had what many of us (his peers) are starting to consider a serious problem that we are becoming very worried about. He is addicted to World of Warcraft, and not in the same way the rest of us are. While most of us are able to disconnect from the game to take care of our own affairs, he plays to the exclusion of his friends, his job (he calls in sick a lot, it is starting to get noticed) and his life. How do you help someone who is actively throwing their whole life away to play a game?



  1. I think the problem here is that what we are describing as an “addiction” doesn’t in fact line up with what an addiction traditionally has been defined as.

    In my reading, it appears more and more “experts” are beginning to refer to this phenomenon as:

    “pathological computer use”

    I have written about this idea before over at my blog. the link, (in case you are interested) is:

  2. I don’t find anything wrong being addicted to video games. It’s like the same thing being addicted to TV. Violence comes in every form and it really depends on the gamer how he handles himself. I’ve read an interesting article: and it actually tackled some good effects of video games in real life specially in times of crisis.

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