Storage Sells

By Deane Barker on March 27, 2006

Storage takes starring role in tech gizmo sales pitch: We went through a long period a few years ago when hard drive size was so abstract. Discs had gotten so big compared the stuff we put on them, that increases in hard drive space didn’t really matter to anyone.

I remember selling computers at Best Buy and telling people that a 12.7 GB hard drive was “ridiculously large.” And it was…until MP3s showed up.

Storage capacity used to be an obscure feature that interested only technophiles. But now — thanks in part to the growing popularity of digital music and video, photography and games — consumers are demanding it.

Digital media saved the consumer storage market, really. Audio and video takes up more space on your drive than anything else (except maybe the hairball that is a MMORPG), and if you didn’t have any of it, you could probably get by with 10 or 15GB.