By Deane Barker on March 25, 2006

Bitty Browser Home Page: I don’t know what I’d use it for, but this is cute.

Bitty is the little browser that goes on any Web page, it’s like Picture-in-Picture for the Web.

Via Jon Udell who comes to the same conclusion I did:

Scanning the commentary at that link shows that there’s interest in this kind of picture-in-picture capability, along with some confusion about whether it’s useful, and if so how. I’m ambivalent too […]

If you used script to affect the outer page from things that happened on the inner page, then it could be a nice little subnavigation or “finder” tool for a larger app. You still have the perenial problem of breaking the back button, but since there’s embedded navigation, maybe that’s not so bad.

But should this be concerning:

I haven’t examined in detail how Bitty works, but can’t you do this with an IFRAME?

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