Windows Vista Delayed

By Deane Barker on March 21, 2006

Microsoft delays consumer launch of Windows Vista: When Sony delayed the launch of the PS3 last week, Microsoft jumped all over it. And now…

Microsoft Corp. said on Tuesday it plans to delay the consumer launch of its much-anticipated Windows Vista operating system to January 2007 from its earlier target of the second half of 2006 […]

Microsoft said Vista is delayed because it wants to improve overall quality, particularly in security, and that PC makers didn’t want the operating system introduced in the middle of holiday sales, because a new version would create instability in the market.



  1. What else is new at MS? Delay, delay delay.

    Will we ever see this product?

    It really makes you wonder about the bureaucracy at MS. Nothing is getting done there.

    If only we could divert some of those wasted billions of R&D into some start-ups we would be getting tons of really innovating products.

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