Wikipedia Bounties

By Deane Barker on March 21, 2006

Wikipedia:Bounty board: You can post bounties at Wikipedia — money you put up in exchange for someone to do…something.

Would you like to improve articles without having to write them? Or have you ever wanted to make money for Wikimedia without paying it yourself? Now you can do both!

The Wikipedia Bounty Board allows Bounty Keepers to post monetary bounties for articles or other tasks. Bounty Hunters then go to work on these tasks. If the task is completed before the bounty’s expiration date, the Bounty Keeper donates the bounty money to the Wikimedia Foundation according to the terms of the bounty.

They’re article requests mainly. The caveat is that they have to become “featured articles,” which means they have to be good, and not just something copy-and-pasted from somewhere else.


Dawson’s Field hijackings […] Amount $30.00 […] Expires April 2006 […] Very little non-Wiki internet information on the internet about this simultaneous hijacking of 4 passenger jets in 1970.

You don’t get the bounty if you complete the task, sadly. It gets donated to the Wikimedia Foundation in your name.