The SUB G1

By on March 18, 2006

File this one under YATWO (Yet Another Three-Wheeled Oddity): has an article on the SUB G1 — a 135hp, 1000cc V-twin 3-wheeler that looks like it’s going 95 while standing still.

The SUB G1 differs pretty radically from other three wheelers that we’ve talked about in that it seats just one. The engine is mounted to the right of the driver; the idea was to balance the weight of the driver and engine. It’s interesting to read about how the design of the G1 evolved.

If you thought the T-Rex was impractical, this thing is that and more. On the plus side it’ll get upwards of 40mpg, but with something that’s able to corner like a Formula 1 racer, who cares? And with a projected price in the $65,000 range, potential buyers aren’t going to be too concerned with fuel efficiency.

Sure, it looks like it’d be a blast to drive, but if I had that kinda money to toss around (great big “if” there) I’d go for a pair of Ariel Atoms instead.

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