Funky Truck Arizona

By Deane Barker on March 15, 2006

Dear Guy Who Runs Tea Games:

Please stop. Funky Truck 4WD was addictive enough. So was BMX Highlands. This new one is worse. I hate you and your realistic physics models.





  1. Dear Deane,

    Please quit adding to my list of addictive websites when I’m looking for technologically refreshing discourse – I still have work to do! :)

  2. Dear Deane,

    Thank you for turning what seemed was going to be a very productive evening, into 3hrs of Arizona Trucking.

    I had completely forgotten about that site.

  3. Dear Deane, Nice try, but my computer’s crappiness has finally worked out in my favor: I can’t reasonably run this game while I’m doing much of anything else. Maybe when I’m done fending off my /. addiction I can fall back into this one.

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