Web 2.0 Company or Star Wars Character

By Deane Barker on March 15, 2006

Cerado’s Web 2.0 or Star Wars Quiz: This is priceless. There’s a fine line between Jango and Django.

How silly is the Web 2.0 hype getting? You tell us! Here’s a quick quiz…we looked in 30Boxes and analyzed 37Signals that led us to come up with the 43Things below. So without further ado, can you decide…

I got 34.

Via Kottke.



  1. I am not sure what is more humorous – the quiz or the fact that Deane & Joe posted consecutively about this.

    I got 24.

  2. I got 26 and I have no idea what Web 2.0 is – I’m a sysadmin.

    Does this mean I know to much about Star Wars?

  3. I got 32 just by putting in the obvious Star Wars ones and marking the rest Web 2.0.

    I got 36 when I actually tried to figure out the rest.

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